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Manufactured in the USA since 1932
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Vacuum Chambers


Ideal for all medical, electronic, food
and industrial applications!

* Polished 316 Stainless Steel
* Flat chamber for easy cleaning
* Bladder activated sealing
* 10 program LED control system
* Water proof(IP65)LCD control panel
* Water-resistant(IP65) electrical box
* Durable aluminum sealing bar
* BUSCH vacuum pump
* Available with PLC/TouchScreen for
   all Medical Applications

Sensor control
Gas flushing
High pressure seal
Double sealing bar (Top and bottom sealing)
Soft air
Double Seal Wire

Technical Data Sheet :
Sealing length:31.5"*2/800mm
Chamber height:8"/203mm
Chamber size:33.8"/860mm(L)*25.2"/640mm(W)
Sealing bar distance:18.1"/460mm
Vacuum pump capacity:63m3/h
Cycle time:10-25 Sec
Machine size:35.43"/900mm(L)* 26.77"/790mm(W)* 39.37"/1020mm(H)
(Other voltages are available on request)
Weight:220 Kgs

Aline Heat Seal Corporation

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