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Are You In Need Of A Vacuum Chamber for A Dependable Sealing Solution?

Buy Quality In A Vacuum Chamber.
ALINESYS.com Provides True Quality In Sealing Solutions

If you work in the food, electronic, military or industrial fields, you know the importance of having a dependable vacuum chamber. With an Aline chamber, you are guaranteed quality vacuum draw, nitrogen flush (if required) and seal integrity. All chambers are built from heavy gauge stainless steel. Sizes range from small table top versions to floor standing single and double chamber units.
Continuous, automated and medical chambers are also available.

When it comes to vacuum chambers, it is essential that you have precise control over the vacuum level. With the vacuum chamber products available from Aline, you can enjoy a number of outstanding features including...

  • The ability to minimize boil over of liquids
  • The ability to regulate the speed of air evacuation
  • The ability to regulate the reintroduction of atmosphere
  • Programmable gas-vac or vac-gas
  • Extra wide seals
  • Multiple recipes
  • Fast cycle times

When it comes to purchasing a vacuum chamber, it is important to buy one that is sized to your application and volume. Large chambers allow you to do multiple bags at a time - increasing productivity. Each chamber is stainless steel and comes standard with a Busch vacuum pump capable of drawing 29.9 HG. Controls are all digital and easy to program. Aline can provide bags with all vacuum equipment, as well as advise on the best set up for your specific application.

To assist you with the proper selection of your vacuum chamber, please contact us at 562-229-9727 or by email Aline@alinesys.com

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