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Open Mouth Sealer

The ALINESYS.com Heavy Duty Open Mouth Sealer is a versatile unit ideal for manufacturing circular objects such as belts, filters, foam, plastics, vinyl and more.

Standard lengths range from 20 to 60 inches but can be customized for various applications. The style of construction is also ideal for circular seals and off-plane (radius or curved) seals. All heights and throat depths can be customized for integration with your manufacturing requirement. The freestanding design allows you to insert and withdraw the frame where webs or tails of material require sealing.

Controls include simple dwell timers to more sophisticated temperature control systems. Water cooling options and bi active seals are available.

Each unit is built freestanding with lockdown casters for portability. The lower bar is constructed of solid steel for high pressure applications.

Activation is by foot pedal, start button or both. Cylinder descent is under low pressure. Additional safe guarding and product fixtures are offered. Every unit is powder coated and has an exhaust port for clean room compatibility.

Open Mouth Sealers come with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY and spare parts including change of PTFE and heating elements.

Off Plane Sealer Close up view of off-plane seal jaw
Off Plane Sealer
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Close up view of off-plane seal jaw
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60” open mouth sealer

Side view of 60” open mouth sealer
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60” open mouth sealer
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Extended Length Open Mouth Sealer

(all sizes available)

extended lenght open mouth sealer


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