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Heavy Duty Industrial Impulse Heat Sealers
Manufactured in the USA since 1932

Aline Medical Packaging Machinery
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Typical Applications
Medicine vials, jam jars, canned food and soft drinks, shampoo bottles, oil containers, etc. Packaged as handy "pick and carry" consumer packs or large-size distribution packs. Books, cassettes, discs, floor and wall tiles, chocolate in boxes, ice cream tubs, boxes and trays or all types. Popular for price club and promotional applications.


A simple rotary selector switch is set for the number of rows - 1, 2, 3 or 4 - as desired.
A sensor switch activates and the pusher
advances the row.
The pusher moves the collated group past the sealer.
The package is shrunk with re-circulated hot air.
The product is conveyed in front of the pusher.
The number of rows is accumulated.
The package is sealed and conveyed through the shrink tunnel.
Before leaving the conveyor, the film is fan-cooled to achieve a tight, secure package.

Available in custom sizes.
Can be easily integrated into your production line.

Aline Heat Seal Corporation

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