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Bag Sealer-Impulse

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Aline's Model MP series bag sealers are ideal for sealing of all

thermoplastics and films.

Aline bag sealers are perfect for budget and space conscious bag sealing applications and are ruggedly built to provide years of trouble free service.

Each pneumatically powered bag sealer unit has sufficient jaw clearance to introduce your package from back to front or side-to-side. Standard controls include a glycerin filled gauge, pressure regulator, separate heat and cool timers and a tap to start foot pedal. This ensures that each bag seal will be airtight and water tight. All Aline bag sealers are powder coated and therefore clean room compatible.

A bottom flange allows for this bag sealing unit to be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Each unit comes complete with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY, detailed operating instructions and a spare parts kit.

Bag Sealer Options include:

 Choice of 15, 20 or 25 inch seal length
 All width band elements or wire seal
 Top or bottom heat
 Dual heat
 Scrap Blow Off
 Water cooled bars
 Low pressure regulator
 Automatic cycling of seal jaw
 Emergency Stop Button
 Cold cut wire
 Hot cut wire
 Exhaust port
 Pneumatic height adjustable stand
 110 or 220 volts

 bag sealer MP-20

 bag sealer MP-20

MP Table Top Bag Sealer
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(available in 15 - 20 and 25 inch lengths)

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MP Bag Sealer with Conveyor

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Aline MP model bag sealers
bag sealer with American flag powder coat MP-15.  Click here for larger view!

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